January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, but the law school’s Wilbanks Child Endangerment and Sexual Exploitation (CEASE) Clinic is committed year-round to increasing awareness and education on human trafficking, making resources available to assist individuals and communities impacted by human trafficking, and building diverse public-private partnerships to support a more comprehensive response to prevent and respond to human trafficking.

Eight years after opening its doors in 2016, the CEASE Clinic continues to demonstrate the value of quality and trauma-responsive legal representation for survivors.

Year-round, we secure trauma-responsive mental and behavioral health services that aid in decreasing the risk of future victimization; successfully advocate for the dismissal of criminal charges that were a direct result of victimization; secure survivors’ access to educational and disability services and programs; and remove barriers that survivors too-often face in leaving a trafficker. Most importantly, we work to achieve justice for survivors when traditional legal methods fail or are inadequate. 

For more information on our year-round work and some of our achievements in 2023, please visit University of Georgia School of Law News.