Publication: 2024 CEASE Conference and Registration

Courageous Advocacy: A Lawyer’s Responsibility in Combatting Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, and Trafficking

Join us for an empowering conference aimed at advocates for survivors of child sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. This event will delve into the crucial role lawyers and advocates play not only in representing clients and survivors, but also in upholding the integrity of the legal profession and serving the public interest.

Throughout the conference, esteemed speakers and panelists will explore the intersection of legal practice, ethics, and social responsibility. We will examine the challenges and complexities faced by attorneys working with survivors of these heinous crimes, and discuss strategies for providing compassionate, effective representation while maintaining professional standards.

Key topics include:

-Ethical considerations in representing survivors

-Advocating for legislative and policy changes to better protect survivors and prevent victimization

-Collaborative approaches for lawyers, law enforcement, and community organizations to combat trafficking

-The importance of recognizing burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma for professionals engaged in this demanding work

-Leveraging technology, data, and community resources to enhance efforts in addressing child sex abuse, exploitation, and trafficking

Through engaging presentations, discussions, and case studies, participants will gain valuable insights and practical tools to enhance their advocacy efforts and make a meaningful difference in the lives of survivors.  We hope you will join us as we explore the profound impact of courageous advocacy in the fight against child sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.

To register, visit our Conference Website